SeTtING up a new society

Weren't able to find a society you would like to join? Why not set up one of your own? There are many reasons for why you should consider joining or setting up a society and these have been mentioned here.

If you do wish to set up your own society, please follow these easy steps:

1. Find out more! Read through our Society Pack that contains all the important information that you need to know. 

2. Get in touch! Speak to our Vice President for Activities and Development in person or email them at to discuss your idea and for any other help you might need during the process. 

3. Fill in a form! Fill out a New Society Application Form and return it to the Guild of Students (you must have at least 5 students ready to sign up to the Society as part of your application).

4. Grow! Once approved, the Guild will open a dedicated page for your Society on our website, and students can then begin signing up either at the office or online.

5. Advertise! Start a Facebook page/group, talk to friends and fellow students. Get students interested in your society, and ensure they are signed up as members online.

6. Track! You can request a list of registered members at any time from the Guild (we suggest you do this at least once a month so you can keep track of your members).

If you have gone through all the steps, congratulations! Enjoy leading, planning and socialazing with new people. Remember that the Guild Execs are here to offer help and support if you need it!