Why join a society?

Joining a society while at university is one of the best things you can do alongside your studies!
It not only adds to your personal and social life, but it can also enrich your professional life later on, by allowing you to gain new skills and gain experiences at work within a team.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  1.  Add to your CV: While in a society, you develop organisational skills, leadership skills and teamwork and you can show this to future employers in addition to your degree.
  2. Meet new people and create bonds away from home: It is important to make time for yourself and to meet new people. Joining a society where you meet like-minded people is probably the best way to make new friends.
  3. Stress relief and maintaining the balance: Studying can be tough. Joining a society can be therapeutic, and helps you do something constructive in your free time.
  4. Networking opportunities: Building relationships for the future is one of the best things you can do to ensure professional success. Student Societies offer you the chance to network, and share ideas with friends and colleagues.
  5. Increase your knowledge: Some of our societies offer you a chance to increase your knowledge in a particular area. It is another feather in your hat and something you can use to tell other people you meet.
  6. Develop your confidence: Trying something is always a good way to develop your confidence. Stepping out of your comfort zones and trying something new usually teaches us more than we realise and makes us more confident as a person.
  7. Give something back: Joining a society can be a great opportunity to indulge your humanitarian side and to do something for charity.
  8. Improving your fitness: You can increase your fitness and stamina when you participate in a sporting society. We have a variety of sports societies available (Check them out on the website) and if you feel there is something lacking, you can always create your own!
  9. Standing out from the crowd: Imagine being in a group of new colleagues and talking about how much fun you had on the hiking or kayaking trip you went on while at university! Or how you learnt that new artistic skill or dance move!
  10. Sharing your talent among your peers: If you have had training in a special skill or language, why not start your own society and teach others! Not only will you improve your own abilities, but will get the opportunity to see others grow because of you.
  11. Have fun! Finally, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! With all that hard work you’re doing, you deserve some down time. Societies offer you a chance to relax and have fun with fellow students.