Run by students, for students

UCB Guild Leadership Elections 19 - Logo

University College Birmingham Guild of Students is a charity that represents the 7,500 students that study here at UCB. We are run by students, for students.

Every year, students from across University College Birmingham run and vote in Guild Elections to decide who will be the Executive Officer Team, made up of students paid to take leave on their courses to run the Guild as well as part-time officers who run the Guild alongside their studies. They are supported by permanent staff who work for the Guild.

VOTING WEEK has started. Voting is open from Monday 25th, 9 am to Friday 29th, 4 pm! To view candidate manifestos, please use the navigation button below. By clicking VOTE you will be taken to the UCB Portal where you are able to cast your votes!

You are also invited to take part in the different activities we have arranged for this week. To find out what's happening, visit our Facebook event page here.

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