Candidate Workshops

Interested in running for Guild Elections? Or just want to develop your campaigning and marketing skills? The Guild of Students is running a week-long Candidate Academy from 11th – 15th March. Drop in and ask questions about elections, or attend one or all of our daily workshops. Open to all students, whether running for election or not.

EVERY DAY: Candidate Drop In (11.30am to 12:30pm)

From 11.30am-12.30pm every day, you can drop into the Guild Office in Summer Row to speak with Sarah, the Guild Manager and Deputy Returning Officer. You can come and have a chat, one to one and in private, about anything you want at all. You might want some advice on how to develop your campaign, some feedback on your ideas or to clarify your election. Whatever it is, just pop by and say hello!

EVERY DAY: Candidate Workshops
Sessions are open to all, whether running for election or not. Students can turn up to all sessions or just one. They will run twice every day from 10am-11am in RH 508/512, and 1.30pm-2.30pm in MH 333

MONDAY: Writing Your Manifesto (RH 508, MH 333)

If you’re running for election, one of the most important things you’ll produce is your Manifesto. This will tell students what you stand for, why you’re running and what you’ll do if you get elected. In this session, we’ll look at the kinds of ideas you might want to put in your manifesto, how you can best promote your ideas and what a great manifesto looks like.

TUESDAY: Making Posters and Flyers (RH 508, MH 333)

This session will look at ideas and tools you might want to use in order to design your manifesto, campaigns posters and other materials. How do you make your ideas stand out? What kind of designs will give your campaign the edge? We’ll look at free software you can use and some design tips.

WEDNESDAY: Running Creative Campaigns (RH 512, MH 333)

You’ve got your posters and your ideas, but how are you going to promote yourself to students? From costumes to videos, campaign gimmicks to promotional ideas, we’ll look at cool and creative campaigns students have run in the past to get themselves elected and help you come up with ideas to stand out from the crowd.

THURSDAY: Making a Video (RH 508, MH 333)

You can talk to students all week, but if you make a video about your ideas, you can share this on social media and reach even more of your voters! We’ll look at election videos from other elections – from funny ones to informative ones – and look at how to make your own just using your smartphone. We’ll even do a practice run and make a mini video ready to promote yourself.

FRIDAY: Public Speaking: Asking for those votes (SR 803, MH333)

It’s great to have materials around campus, videos online and a manifesto with your ideas. But, all the evidence says that the main reason a student will vote for you is because you’ve asked them to! In this session, we will cover public speaking for your election. From elevator pitches to asking for someone’s vote, lecture shout outs to formal public speaking, we’ll look at how best to put yourself across in person to win your election.