Course Rep Conference 2017

Our One City event organised amongst five Birmingham Students' Unions saw 30 course reps from each university in attendance.

The event was held at Newman University Students' Union on 15th November with BCU, Newman, UOB and Aston all in attendance. It was a fantastic day with activities, workshops a fireside chat and free pizza!

It was a great opportunity for all course reps to gain experience and meet people from outside their own institute.

UCB collaborated with Aston to put on a workshop titled 'how to build an effective team'. The workshop was aimed at helping reps become effective course reps, as well as helping them in developing skills for later on in life when in employment. The session included lots of games and activities to encourage team building and develop negotiation skills. There was also lots of sweets involved and prizes given away.

All in all the day was great with people giving amazing feedback on the workshop sessions and stating they loved meeting new people from around Birmingham with some making lifelong friends.

Posted on 16th November 2017