Disciplinary procedure


The Guild of Students operate a strict disciplinary system. All clubs agree to abide by the following club rules:

 All clubs must complete a weekly team sheet. This MUST be handed in to the Guild no later than 48 hours after a competitive fixture has been played.
 All clubs must notify the Guild Sports Officer of their result by 8am the day after a fixture. This includes scores, scorers and any disciplinary action that was taken during the fixture.
 All clubs must notify the Guild Sports Officer if they wish to cancel training (including the Sports Hall) at least 24 hours in advance.
 All clubs must not cancel their competitive fixtures on the day of the fixture. All clubs must notify the Guild Sports Officer if they wish to postpone their competitive fixture at least 48 hours in advance.
 All clubs must ensure that only members holding a valid 17/18 club membership are both training and playing competitively. No nonmembers, family, friends or non UCB students must be taking part in these activities.
 All clubs must follow disciplinary action set out by sporting governing bodies. If a player is suspended, they must serve this suspension.
 All club fines must be paid in accordance with the Guild’s club fine policy.
 All clubs must follow the code of conduct

The Guild operates a disciplinary scale. If a club is found to be in breach of any of the above rules then the following action will be taken:
Stage 1) – Verbal Warning
Stage 2) – Cancellation of Training Venue and/or Fixtures (length of time depending on
severity of rule breach)
Stage 3) – Freeze Club Funds (Clubs will still be responsible for playing fixtures
and will still be eligible for fines)

Stage 4) – Removal from BUCS League (or any other non-BUCS competitions)


Please note, the Guild reserves the right to escalate disciplinary proceedings through the scale, based on the severity of the rule break.


If a club receives any fines or disciplinary action against them, charges will be forwarded to the club captain. These MUST be paid by the club within 7 days.

Examples of club fines are as follows:

 Failure to field a team (Walkover fine of £50)
 Disciplinary Charges (Assigned post disciplinary action during a fixture –
issued by sport governing bodies)
 Misconduct (during fixtures or on arranged transport, fine will be based
on severity of actions)
 Training venue cancelation (Appropriate invoices issues by the venue)
 Match venue cancellation due to cancellation of a fixture
(Appropriate invoices issues by the venue)
 Transport charges of other teams due to cancellation of a fixture
(Appropriate invoices issues by the team)
 Missing/not returned equipment

Disciplinary charges are usually issued to an individual, for example a red or yellow card during a fixture. Fines are forwarded to UCB following the game, these will then be sent on to the club. An individual may be subject to a suspension and if so, they MUST adhere to the suspension set out to them, they must also pay the fine involved. This should be paid within 7 days, the Guild will issue an invoice for this. The individual in question MUST NOT attend any fixtures or take part in club activity until the suspension period is over and the fine has been paid.

Sports' Team Captains also have a duty to report any breaches of the rules/regulations by society members. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary proceedings being invoked for the society and/or individual involved.