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What we have done/are doing

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We would like a greater variety of non-sporting societies

Societies are run by students, therefore students must come forward with ideas for starting a society. To encourage this, we have simplified the process of starting a society (this can be found on our website). We have also promoted the benefits of starting or joining a society on our social media channels, and will continue to do so throughout the year.


We would like more trips

This is an area the Guild of Students is really keen to develop. Therefore we are planning an external trip this semester.

 February 2018

We would like more places to socialise with coursemates



We would like more activities to enable Maltings residents to socialise

Now that the GuildSpace is open at the Maltings, the Guild are planning to arrange the majority of the events here to take full advantage of the space. We will be running ‘Freshers 2.0’ in February, in which most of the events will take place in the GuildSpace.

 Completed February 2018

We would like more social events with other universities (not involving alcohol)

We have formalised the agreement with the University of Birmingham regarding our students being able to take part in their Sports Clubs and Societies (full details can be found on our website). Charlotte Gates (President) is also in contact with the #OneCity group to discuss social events further, and will feedback in due course.

 February 2018

We would like breakfast clubs to be held

This is something the Guild are very keen to offer, and are considering ways to offer this facility. We will feedback in due course.

 March 2018

We would like more support with Mental Health Issues

The Guild worked with the health and wellbeing team at the University throughout Freshers Week and Arrivals Weekend to introduce new and existing students to the health and wellbeing team and the services they provide. The team currently runs drop in sessions

Monday: 9-10am – Summer Row

Wednesday: 4-5pm – Richmond House

Thursday: 1-2pm Mcintyre House


We would like better support for mature students

The university offer a range of support for all students including Health & Wellbeing (Student Services, 7th Floor) and academic support (Academic Skills Centre, 5th Floor). For social support, a Mature Students Society is open for all mature students to join; full details can be found on our website.


We would like more support with issues with lecturers

The Course Rep scheme run by the Guild offers this service. If you have issues with lecturers, please communicate these with your Course Rep, who will be able to bring this to the attention of the University and try to resolve the issue.


We would like competitions to get students involved and interested

The Guild of Students run competitions throughout the year and will continue to do so. You can keep up-to-date via our social media channels.


We would like feedback when issues are raised and solved

The Guild of Students are actively working to ensure that this happens for all issues. On an individual basis, we will ensure that we feed back to the individual concerned. If issues are raised through Course Reps, these are fed back during meetings throughout the year and results will be published on our website. You can also read the Guild’s Monthly Report (available at both Summer Row office and on our website) to see what we have achieved month-by-month.


We would like advice and experience from final year students to first year students

The Guild of Students are currently in the process of creating a Buddy Scheme to provide this facility. The plans are underway and we plan to roll this out by September 2018.

 September 2018

We would like more film nights

The Guild of Students are planning to introduce regular film nights in the GuildSpace at the Maltings

 March 2018

We would like more essay/assignment help

All students can access assignment help via the Academic Skills Centre (5th floor Summer Row). Each student is entitled to 30 minutes a week, via either a drop-in session or pre-booked appointment.


The Maltings have a common room space, why does Cambrian Hall not have a common room?

The common room is currently being occupied as the plans for phase 2 are underway. We have been advised that in the interim after phase 2 has been completed there is a chance that as this room won’t be being used for a while it could be transformed back into a common space if the interest is there.


We would like information about why students are no longer able to take hot drinks into lectures?

The Guild of Students have spoken to senior staff members on behalf of this. We have been informed that no hot drinks in lecture theatres has always been the rule, though it has not been properly enforced in the past. Staff and students are now aware of this and this rule will be enforced across the University.

Completed December 2017

Some courses have mentors but others do not. We would like to see mentoring extended to students on all courses

The Mentoring scheme is run by the University, who are planning to extend this scheme across all courses. We are in contact with the University to find out when this will be and will feed back in due course.

 February 2018

Car parking is very expensive in the city centre. Are you able to offer a discounted rate?

The Guild currently work in collaboration with NCP to offer discounted parking to students via the ParkPass. Details can be found on our website, or pop into the Guild office.


Some courses/lectures require the use of a laptop but there aren’t any charging points. Would it be possible for more charging points to be put in place?

We are in contact with the Estates team to see whether this is possible, and will feed back once we have a response.

 February 2018

There isn’t sufficient equipment in the bakery, which causes issues. There are also problems around washing up for this particular course

Initially speak to the staff involved. If it still isn’t resolved, please contact your Course Rep who will be able to raise this with the University.


It seems to be the case that Richmond House does not get as much money spent on it as Summer Row and its not the case. For example the wifi is poor and we are required to use old laptops

ITSU has confirmed that they are aware of the problem and new equipment has been purchased to rectify this. This will be installed over the next two weeks.

Alex Lofthouse met with the students 07/12/17 and explained that to replace the classroom in the library 90 new laptops have been purchased and 40 I-Pads which staff will be able to use with students within their teaching sessions. In addition the computers that were previously in the library classroom will be available in Richmond House in the library area. This means that overall computer provision in Richmond House has been significantly increased.


 Completed December 2017

Issues around scheduling of a particular course, late finishes and early starts causing students to not attend

Please raise these concerns with your Course Rep, who will be able to bring this to the attention of the University via the Board of Studies meeting. The next meeting is being held on 25th April 2018.

 April 2018

The university isn’t doing enough around sustainability, how are the Guild going to improve the situation?

The Guild are working very closely with Estates and the newly appointment Sustainability officer to promote sustainability throughout the University. In addition, the Guild will be selling UCB Branded water bottles from February, to further promote sustainability.

Completed February 2018

There aren’t enough study spaces at UCB. Why can’t undergraduates use the postgradutate study space?

The study spaces currently available within the University for Undergraduates are within the resource centre at summer Row which is spread across two floors. There is also space for individual work within the library and laptops available to hire. Over in McIntyre House there is the Thinkspace (Ground Floor) and a computer room on the second floor. There are also pods situated throughout McIntyre which can be used for students who have their own laptops.

Also there is the Guild space over at the Maltings which has space for group work and individual workspace.

 December 2018

There isn’t a prayer room at McIntyre House, this is inconvenient for students who need to pray

The University is considering providing an additional reflection space within the Phase 2 Moss House development. This facility will be similar to the one that is provided on the 8th floor in Summer Row.


We are aware in the interim that there is an area on the third floor of MH behind the lifts that is often chosen by students to use if they are unable or unwilling to use the facility at Summer Row.


There is a dead spot in the Maltings for wifi

Details of this will need to be brought to the attention of the IT department who will be able to look into this further. They can be found on the 8th Floor of Summer Row, or the Ground Floor of McIntyre House.


Can all sports teams use the gym facilities to promote better health and wellbeing?

Sports teams have the option of swapping one of their training sessions for a session in the gym. Club Captains will need to contact the Guild if this is something they would like to take advantage of.


Could we have clarification on society memberships at other universities? It would be great to be able to join societies at other universities which have more on offer.

We have formalised the agreement with the University of Birmingham regarding our students being able to take part in their Sports Clubs and Societies (full details can be found on our website).

 Completed January 2018

When will students hear about plans for the new development Moss House?

We will contact Michael Harkin (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) regarding this and will give further details once we receive them.

 February 2018

Another students room was broken into at the start of the semester. What are the university doing to address this issue?

Following this, barriers have been installed on all of the ground floor windows at Cambrian Hall. In addition, the Guild will be running a Student Security Campaign later in the semester.

 March 2018

Flats have issues with noise as the whole flat is blamed and this is never properly dealt with – security never take names of students involved so it keeps happening

In the first instance, please speak to the Hall Manager on duty. If still unresolved, you can contact the Accommodation Officer, Simon Harwin. Simon can be found in Student Services on the 7th Floor Summer Row.


When students enrolled on courses they were told that they would be able to study a language module. The options were very limited and there was a lack of spaces.

It is being looked at and there is potential that the language module with become part of the curriculum rather than something that can be opted into making it accessible for everyone.



Richmond House – we have lost the use of the IT classroom within the library

The space is being used to provide an area for student studying maths alongside their vocational programme to gain additional 1:1 and small group support. 16 of the computers that were previously in the room will be placed on tables directly outside the room to allow students to use them.

 January 2018

Richmond House – Lack of computers within the library to allow students to work individually

We have arranged for an additional 20 laptops to be based in the library which students may book and use in the quiet area booths

 January 2018

Richmond House – Lack of computer classrooms within the building

We have ordered an additional 90 laptops for use in the classrooms. These have been tested in terms of their connection to the wifi and capability to complete the tasks required by staff and students. In addition we have ordered an additional 40 ipads for use within the classrooms.

 January 2018

Richmond House – Only one security guard on the reception desk so unable to attend any other incidence which may arise

We have placed a student ambassador at Richmond House reception desk (to mirror the provision at McIntyre House) allowing security members of staff to attend incidents that may arise in other locations within the building.

 January 2018

Richmond House – Lots of broken chairs within the IT classrooms (particularly 612 and 615)

We have spoken to Steve Elliott (Assistant Director – Engineering and Maintenance Operations) who will ensure that all chairs are tested and, where broken, are replaced.

 January 2018

Richmond House – Poor behaviour and attitude from a minority of students

The University and Guild worked together to run the #HappyNewYou campaign throughout January to reinforce positive behaviours and the expectations of UCB with regard to student behaviour.

 January 2018

Richmond House – Lifts in the building are not working correctly

A member of the Guild tried both lifts and found them to be working correctly. We have also been assured that these lifts are tested every 3 months as part of the ongoing maintenance contract. However Steve Elliott will also be carrying out an additional test of the lifts following this being raised as a concern.

 January 2018

Richmond House – Lack of timetabled sessions within the Health Hub

We have spoken to Danielle Carey (Pro-Vice-Chancellor) who is going to speak to the Dean and Assistant Dean within the School of Education, Health & Community to ensure that you are able to fully experience the specialist facilities.

 December 2017