Elections Frequently Asked Questions

How does campaigning work?

Campaigning is what candidates do to get votes. Successful campaigning entails speaking and listening to students, finding out about their current issues relevant to the role you are running for, and telling them why you’d be the best candidate for the role- not just handing out leaflets.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Guild?

As well as being a part of the Guild team, you get to see the inner workings of the University and gain valuable experience.
You also get to liaise with other universities and organisations and learn how to involve different groups of students.

It’s a professional setting while you are still at University which adds to the experience and opens you to many more opportunities in your career and life.

As an international student, can I still nominate myself/ be nominated?

Of course! We would encourage you to run for elections as you can give us a different perspective and help us improve the Guild based on your experiences.

Do I need to know lots of students on campus to stand a chance?

Not at all, it all depends on your manifesto and ideas you present to fellow students. If you have vision that appeals to them you stand a pretty good chance of being elected. It’s all about your passion for the role and making people aware of it. Many of our officers were not previously involved in the Guild or in a society before running and were successfully elected so if you are enthusiastic and have lots of ideas, go for it!

Do I need any qualifications to run?

No, anybody who’s a current student at UCB can run. Although, it would be good if you had a particular interest in the role you running for and its scope. Previous experience in this area would definitely help you with doing your job as well.

What is manifesto and how do I write it?

Manifesto is your way of communicating to students what would you like to achieve in your role and what your priorities would be. It is important to relate its content to your own experiences as well as your friends at university and not just promise things which are impossible to achieve. It has to be realistic and honest and make people feel like you could be great in your role!

What key points should I include when writing my manifesto for my preferred position?

You should try to include what you wish to accomplish in the upcoming academic year. Research into what you would like to get involved in within your position and how you will accomplish your key points. You may also want to look into what current officers are up to and engage with students to see what they would like to see from the position you are campaigning for. Also, remember to include a little about yourself! Having students understand why you are running for this position is very important, they need to know who will be representing them and why.

Will working for the Guild be challenging?

The Guild is a fun and enjoyable job! The Guild offer full support to our officers which allows you to fully grasp what we do! If you’re thinking about nominating yourself for a position with our Guild come down and chat to us! If successful, we have a handover period and training dates (TBA) where you’ll learn everything you need to know regarding your role.

Why should I run for a position?

Being in the Guild enables you to become a representative for all students. It allows you to become the student voice and to enhance the student experience for your peers.  Nominating yourself/being nominated to become a Guild Executive shows you want to make a change of how the University/College is run. It gives you an behind the scenes insight of how the University works. Most importantly, being in the Guild will bring you experience, confidence and team working skills which will enhance your opportunities when applying for jobs.

Please see the Elections do's and don'ts 2017 for a guide to running. For the full list of rules, please see the Elections bye-laws, which will be provided when you run for a position.