LUCY Webb: Vice Presiednt for Welfare and Communities


Hi I’m Lucy Webb and I’m going to be your Vice President for Welfare and Communities for 2017/2018. I am 24 years old and I am from Coventry. I am in my second year studying Applied Food and Nutrition.

Being the welfare officer this year I aim to do more than just provide condoms to students. I want to raise awareness of many different issues and be there to support students through their year at university. My main aim is to focus on the mental health of students because I know that we have a lot of pressure and no one should go through that alone. Whether that be anxieties, stress, depression etc.

I’m really excited to be joining the guild this year because I really want to make sure that students are aware of what the guild can do for them. It’s not all about arranging nights out! We are here to be your support network, no matter what your age, origin, sex etc. 

I hope to enhance the communication between you, the student guild and the university to help to make you aware of all of the services, groups, projects and events that are available for you.

Well these are meant to be the best few years of our lives so let’s make sure we make the best of it!

If you have any general questions or queries then please email:

If you have any specific queries then email me directly at: