Vice President for Welfare and Communities: Joe WASSELL

Joe Wassell - Vice President for Welfare and CommunitiesHi, I’m Joe Wassell, your Vice President for Welfare and Communities for 2018/19. I have studied at UCB for nearly four years now, starting off in Culinary Arts Management and then finding my home as a Business Enterprise student. This will be my last year of studying at UCB. My first few years at UCB were quite low-key, just getting on with my assignments and socialising with my course mates. Until I decided to join the Guild of Students as the Raising and Giving Officer 2017/18 and then I started to be a bit more active in and around University.

Having a good physical and mental wellbeing can make sure you have the opportunity to achieve the best you can out of University and get the most out of your time here at UCB. Whether that comes from recognising that you have a problem and getting help for that problem or giving back to a local charity. That is where I come in, I know how valuable those sorts of experiences can be for your university life as well as for your life after university. I’ve had my struggles both with my mental and physical wellbeing during my time at UCB so I thought why not try and have a positive impact on the overall welfare of every student at UCB.

I want to do this by actively promoting any welfare campaigns that students can get involved in, like our annual Housing Fayre. Which takes away some of the stress for you guys when finding somewhere to live next year, so that you can focus more of your energy on the important things like achieving desired grades in your assignments. As well as this, I want to give you the chance to help local charities if you so wish, for example, the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.

The Guild Team and I have some very exciting plans for the time ahead, which I’m sure you will all enjoy. If you have any idea you would like to put forward or just fancy a chat, please do drop me an email at