Weekly Wednesday nights @ Walkabout

The Guild organise a weekly Wednesday night at Walkabout EVERY WEDNESDAY of the term.

Every Wednesday the Guild's sports teams celebrate their winnings or drown their sorrows. This night is to attract ALL UCB students to ensure we are giving you the best student experience. This year the Guild have tried something a little different by having Aston & BCU bi-weekly, this is a great opportunity to meet new friends and with the collaboration of #OneCity it allows all students in Birmingham branch out and engage with other Universities.

The Guild are happy working alongside Walkabout and we hope you are too! We are always looking for feedback about our events so feel free to email us (guildinfo@ucb.ac.uk) any feedback you might have about the night.

Link to photos every week can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/LoudMouthEvents/

Posted on 26th October 2017